August 05, 2018

Silicon State MTC-818 Preamp

The 500 Series mic preamps I used on Old Man Saxon and the new group Royalties were my own custom design. Discrete, no IC's and loaded with transformers. I've made a limited run of the circuit boards and you can buy them from me for damn near the cost of manufacture. Just hit me up.


They employ the Deane Jensen 918 opamp (or 990 if you want to go cleaner) available from CAPI and DIY Recording Equipment. The ones I use have hard-to-get vintage Pacific Recorders 918's that I found on eBay. In/Out transformers can be Lundahl, Jensen or Cinemag. There's a DI input that auto-switches when you pop in an unbalanced guitar cable. It's what I run my MPC, Drum Brute and Moogs through. Sounds pretty fn amazing. The DI is transformer-based (any of those 3 aforementioned brands plus the lower cost, German made Pikatron) making a grand total of 3 transformers in this unit. BEEF! Phantom power, pad and phase flip are activated with dope looking illuminated pushbutton switches. If you want some PCBs, hit the contact button and drop me a line.

I'll soon be slanging these fully-made, plug-n-play. 

June 23, 2018

New Single, New Video!

Old Man Saxon just dropped the video for "See Me Like This." A track that I wrote on the 1st anniversary of Prince's passing replete with slap bass and Linn style drum machine, Saxon slays with a diverse array of patterning and wordplay. The song itself gets the party pumping but you've got to see the video. A bit of an ode to fathering, it portrays the duality of studio life and it's intoxicating exhaustion juxtaposed by domestic life and being a good dad. His adorable daughter, Seylah, steals the show. Peep!

June 15, 2018

Breaking Big now on PBS

Breaking Big is an excellent new show on PBS that profiles successful humans and the battles they endured on the pathways to their goals. Positivity reigns! Calico recruited me to compose the the theme song and I'm super gassed about it. I used an Arturia Drum Brute, MPC Touch and enlisted Peter Jacobson to play the main melody on cello. Now airing!

March 08, 2018

Silenced (TV Series)

The Spotify / Calico produced true crime show about musicians going straight American Psycho on folks is out now. I wrote the opening theme music. Check it out now ---

December 13, 2017

This video may trigger seizures

Old Man Saxon dropped the video for "Stop Shooting" today. Directed by Anthony Yano Hays, this is the very definition of ill. I've seen nothing like it. They used multiple heavy duty 10k projectors to make this. CHECK IT!

December 08, 2017

Stop Shooting!

So apt in these nutty social times, Old Man Saxon and I have teamed up again and dropped a single called, "Stop Shooting." Uptempo, aggressive and banging, Saxon goes into full story mode over an incessant percussion rhythm (played by the brilliant Rich Panta of Very Be Careful and Here Lies Man)that pounds hard like rapid gunfire. Then the distorted moog synths come in and a lunatic flute line that I played kick the journey further. When the anticipation builds and you might expect a half time trap beat, I kick in the MPC into full electro-funk mode. Bang this. And motherfuckers STOP SHOOTING!

October 05, 2017


I've started a new group with longtime peers and homies Josh One, Ta'Raach and Black Shakespeare. The single "Enormous" has just been released and has already been featured on ABC's How to Get Away with Murder. Listen on Spotify or the great Garth Trinidad's show on KCRW. Feeling very optimistic!

May 11, 2017

Old Man Saxon x Mount Cyanide

We just dropped a brand new single! "On My Own" is out today via Mass Appeal Records. It'll also be featured on the May 14th episode of HBO's Silicon Valley. Check it out here. Full Stoke! Let's keep rolling.....

January 07, 2017

Blast Off

Here's to a happy and fruitful 2017 for all. Sorceress has inked a distribution deal and is about to be launched. Look for it at film festivals and your favorite streamers (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) Stoked! Much more good shit coming!!!!!

November 10, 2016


I recently finished my second full film score- the Naama Kates feature, "Sorceress." I had fun twisting analog synth knobs and bringing in awesome string players to this dark, contemplative though somewhat fantastical film. The Moog Mother-32 and Minitaur are all over it. Love those pieces. Naama created quite a beautiful masterwork for her directing debut, shot on location in Finland. They're currently working out distro right now with several offers pending. FN stoked.


Check it out at

November 09, 2016

About Friggin Time

New website! Finally made a new website after years of that old school html. Yeah, long overdue- it looked damn near geocities. Well, have a look around. There's plenty of stuff here to check out and listen to. I just made it so if you've got any comments or tips please feel free to hit me up and say so.

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