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<<PCB ONLY. No components included. Assembly required.>>

Discrete transformer-balanced mic and instrument preamplifier for 500 series racks. With the high fidelity yet vintage tone of Deane Jensen's 918 discrete op amp at the heart and your choice of Jensen or Cinemag transformers in the signal path, the 818 provides the clean and thick sound you need to make the best recordings possible. The unbalanced input automatically switches to a D.I. circuit and runs the signal through a third transformer (the aforementioned brands or Pikatron) allowing direct recordings for guitar, bass, synth or drum machine.  A total of 3 transformers in the signal path makes the 818 the ultimate preamp for instrument tracking. An output fader allows you to drive the transistors and transformers harder for saturated tone while maintaining optimal recording level.


I initially made this mic pre for myself because I found some vintage Pacific Recorders 918 blocks with a huge non-2520 footprint. If you have some of those huge opamps and would like to use them, please select the VINTAGE PCB instead.


Relay-activated “PHD”

  • 48v Phantom
  • 20dB Pad
  • Polarity reversal


Auto-switching Transformer D.I. (unbalanced only)

  • Jensen JT-DB-EPC
  • Cinemag DBX
  • Pikatron UP3096M

Input Transformers

  • Jensen JT-16PCjr
  • Cinemag CMMI-2C
  • Lundahl LL1570


Output Transformers

  • Jensen JT-11E Series
  • Cinemag CMOB-3 or CMOQ-3
  • optional snap-in THAT 1646 PCB for transformerless out


Discrete Op Amps

  • gar918 (from CAPI)
  • BLU-18 (from DIY Recording Equipment)


The 818 name is a slight nod to the 918 and an homage to the area code where Jensen Transformers was and continues to be headquartered (and Cinemag too) – the San Fernando Valley in California, the Silicon State.

818 Mic Preamp for 500 Series (PCB only)

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