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<<PCB ONLY. No components included. Assembly required.>>

Discrete transformer-balanced mic and instrument preamplifier for 500 series racks. With the high fidelity yet vintage tone of Deane Jensen's 918 discrete op amp at the heart and your choice of transformers (Jensen, Cinemag, Lundahl) in the signal path, the 818 provides the clean and thick sound you need to make the best recordings possible. FET D.I. is switchable on the front panel with a Neutrik input.


I made this PCB because I found some vintage Pacific Recorders 918 blocks with a huge non-2520 footprint. Referencing Jensen's original 918 documentation as well as the 990 application notes, I added multiple input and output transformer manufacturer options, mic input circuitry and a DI. 


Pushbutton Switch “PHD”

  • 48v Phantom
  • 20dB Pad
  • Polarity reversal
  • FET D.I.

Input Transformers

  • Jensen JT-16PCjr
  • Lundahl LL1570


Output Transformers

  • Jensen JT-11E Series
  • Cinemag CMOB-3 or CMOQ-3
  • Lundahl LL1517
  • optional snap-in THAT 1646 PCB for transformerless out




818 Mic Preamp for Vintage 918 Opamp (PCB)

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