2021 Charm La'Donna x Mount Cyanide "LFG"

2021 Old Man Saxon "Hell Yeah'"

2020 Mount Cyanide "Diamort"

2020 Old Man Saxon "Talkin'"

2020 Old Man Saxon "Just Me"

2019 Royalties "Sound Burial"

2019 Royalties feat. BLU "Goldology"

2019 Royalties "Everything Cost"

2019 Royalties x Brit Manor "WYSIWYG"

2019 Mount Cyanide "Follow the Light"

2019 Mount Cyanide "Arpeggiator"

2019 Old Man Saxon x Mount Cyanide "Big Things"

2018 Mount Cyanide "Actuator"

2018 Rad Gander x Mount Cyanide "Electricity"

2018 Old Man Saxon "The Pursuit" (EP)

2017 Old Man Saxon "Stop Shooting"

2017 LLGL TNDR "Enormous"

2017 Old Man Saxon x Mount Cyanide "On My Own"

(from the Silicon Valley Soundtrack Album)
2016 Space Shuttle to Nicaragua "Space Shuttle to Nicaragua"
2016 Mount Cyanide feat. Do-Low "Whole Gang O' Weed"
2016 The Mighty Tears of Joy 
2014 Naama Kates "Souled" (Full Album)
2013 Eighty "Escape to Mount Cyanide" (Full Album)
2012 Mount Cyanide "Lights"
2012 Substratum  "In Between"
2012 Mount Cyanide & Divine Styler "Backdrop of Pain"
2012 Lindsey Stirling "Stars Align"
2012 Mount Cyanide "The Home For Better Living" (Full Album)
2012 Naama Kates "The Unexamined Life" (Full Album)
2011 Fish Circus "Dinner With The Commodore" (Full Album)
2010 Josh One "Passing Through" (Mount Cyanide Astronaut Remix & Video)
2010 The Beat Ventriloquists "Goodnight Memory"
2010 Tabi Bonney "Go Away"
2009 Mount Cyanide "Footsteps in the Sky" (E.P.)
2008 Josh One "Tolerance"
2007 Camarillo Blues Triangle "Atwater Village Sessions"
2006 J Dilla & Busta Rhymes “Geek Down
2006 Mount Cyanide The DCW EP
2006 KRS One “Boogie Down Ox
2006 Jessica Celious "Melodys of Life" (Full Album)
2005 Camarillo Blues Triangle "Oceanus Magnetus" (E.P.)
2005 Blood Of Abraham “Eyedollartree” (Full Album)
2003 Poet Name Life She Got Me” “Rain”  “Bive Eternis
2003 Camarillo Blues Triangle "Camarillo Blues Triangle" (Full Album)

2002 Mount Cyanide “These Are Primos” (E.P.)
2002 Nappy Roots “Po’Folks” (Grammy Nominated)
2001 Mount Cyanide Antarctica
2000 Ricky Bell
"Have Ya Cake ft. Ron DeVoe"

2000 Maxim (of the Prodigy) Scheming” “Universal Scientist
1998 Buckshot (of Black Moon) ”Watchawannadoson?

1997 Free Style Lee "Lyrical Landscapes"
1997 L.O.H. “Sabotage” 
1995 Wessyde Goon Squad Around the World” (Full Album)
1993 Bell Biv DeVoe "Nickel" 
1992 Immature “Honey Dip
1991 Massive Attack "Be Thankful” 


Music Composer
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2021 LFG (HBO Documentary) 

2020 The Story of Dunk (Documentary Series) 

2020 The Story of Air Max (Nike Documentary) 

2020 Defining Moments with Ozy (Hulu Series)

2019 Silicon Valley "Maximizing Alphaness" (HBO Series)

2019 INCEL (Podcast)

2019 Nike "Overnight Success"

2018 Breaking Big - Main Theme (TV Series)

2018 Silenced - Main Theme (TV Series)

2017 Spotify / Rap Caviar "Pantheon

2017 Viceland "Epicly Later'd"

2017 How to Get Away with Murder "I'm Not Her" (TV Series)

2017 Silicon Valley "Teambuilding Exercise" (TV Series)
2016 Sorceress "Original Music Score" (Feature Film)
2016 Michelin "Tunnel"
2016 Kia "Walken Closet" Super Bowl Ad
2015 Cisco "Competitor"
2014 CSI "Uninvited" (TV Series)
2014 CSI "Take the Money and Run" (TV Series)
2014 Samsung "Smart Home"
2014 Allstate "Joggers" 
2013 CSI "Last Woman Standing" (TV Series) 
2013 CSI "Double Fault" (TV Series) 
2013 Dewar's - Full Campaign (BANNED)
2012 The 10 Commandments of Chloe (Feature Film)
2012 Nike "Fight Back"
2012 CSI "Clean Sweep" (TV Series)
2011 Johnnie Walker "Step Together" [CLIO & AICP Awards for "Original Music Composing"]
2011 CSI "Cello and Goodbye" (TV Series)
2011 Chrysler "Trumpet"
2011 H&R Block "Dollars and Sense"
2011 Chevy "Luxcitement"
2010 CSI "Sqweegel" (TV Series)
2010 Coca Cola "Mythology" "Unlock The Secret" [AICP Nominated for "Original Music Composing"]
2009 Hewlett Packard "Telluride"
2009 Hyundai Campaign
2009 CSI "Help"
2009 Keep Britain Tidy "Big Cigs"
2008 Powershares "Ideas"
2008 Glam God (Full Season) / VH1
2008 Be Water Wise PSA "Sweaty Man"
2008 Be Water Wise PSA "5 Gallons a Day"
2008 CSI "The Happy Place" (TV Series)
2008 Hyundai "Lexicon"
2007 Nike Run "Revolution"
2007 Amp X Games Campaign
2007 Xenergy Campaign
2006 Lexus "Robots"
2006 Toyota "Blur"
2006 CSI "Corporate Warriors" (TV Series)
2006 Coca Cola "Parade" *  [CLIO & AICP Awards for "Original Music Composing"]
2006 Juicy Fruit "Ant"
2005 Honda "Buckles"
2005 CSI "Bodies in Motion" (TV Series)
2004 Coca Cola Euro Cup Campaign
2004 "Rock Fresh" (Documentary Film)
2004 Chevrolet Malibu "Drawbridge"
2004 Nissan Murano "Gumbo"
2004 "Dead Leaves" (Feature Film)
2004 Apple iPod "Breakdance"
2003 Infiniti "Seasons"
2003 Honda Element "Neighbors"
2003 Foot Locker "Nike 20"
2003 Coors Original Baseball
2002 Budweiser Summer Haiku Campaign
2001 Budweiser Summer Haiku Campaign
2000 Coors Light "Jamie Foxx Club Inferno"
1999 MTV Fight For Your Rights (PSA)
1998 MTV 10 SPOT Camapaign

1998 Americorps (PSA)