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A multiple award winning producer/engineer (Old Man Saxon, Massive Attack, Bell Biv DeVoe, J Dilla) and composer for TV (Breaking Big, CSI, Coca Cola, Nike) and film (LFG, Who is Stan Smith?, Sorceress, Chloe) I've been obsessed with attaining unique and banging sounds. Collecting audio recording gear for over two decades from the days of analog tape to the rebirth of modular synths, I've drained my wallet over and over chasing elusive pieces from Neve, UREI, API, Pultec, Moog and more. At some point I wanted to break it all down and figure out what made certain units sound so much better than others. I read books and forums, collected and studied schematics and took electrical engineering courses at UC Berkeley. I got my feet wet in circuit design by cloning the greats that I admired (much like doing covers to learn the craft of songwriting) and there I found the key to their unique beauty. Each legendary piece and brand utilize their own proprietary amplifier circuit. And that's the sole reason for the Neve sound or the API sound or the SSL sound. Most modern gear makers just stop there. They clone these vintage circuits and call it a day. Cover bands!  Sick of these clone wars, I set out to devise my own ampifier circuit. I studied and experimented and after a year of R&D came up with a wholly original amplifier circuit - the 323. Utilizing vintage metal can transistors for the audio signal and modern SMD micro-transistors for current flow (constant current sources and mirrors), I'm proud to have found a sound that is both reminiscent of chunky analog beef and accurate enough for tomorrow's highest resolution recording systems:

Vintage Thick, Future Clear.



Each unit is handmade with the very best components

and with the utmost care to detail in Los Angeles, California. Made by a human (me) cosmetics may differ slightly from unit to unit. Produced in small batches.


Thanks eh!

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