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The MELCHOR Preamp features an authentic vintage MELCOR Output Transformer from the 1960's. MELCOR is a rare and much sought after preamp and the direct precursor to the API 312.

There are many clones of it, but this is not that. F*$K CLONES. The thick clean tone of the Mount Cyanide 323 is bolstered by the warm tone of the legendary MELCOR output. Bang the gain switch and ride back the fader to drive the heck out of 50+ year old magnetics for crazy sonic hysteresis. You want breakbeats you got breakbeats. Sweet 60's distorted screaming vocals is all yours. Put away your KLON or your Big Muff, make your guitar sing like Jimmy Page's  Black Dog. 


Meticulously handmade to order in Los Angeles, the 323 Discrete Mic / Instrument Preamplifier for 500 Series is powered by an original and proprietary 9-transistor Amplifier and boasts 2 CinemagTransformers and the aforementioned MELCOR Output Transformer. Switchable inputs of Microphone or Hi-Z instrument (balanced or unbalanced). Only the finest components are utilized in this high end piece. Vintage style metal can transistors are used for the audio signal while modern surface mount semiconductors handle the electrical supply signal (current sources).


The 80 Hz High Pass Filter is great for getting rid of rumble and an indispensible tool.

This unique circuit also adds an extra layer of delicious discrete transistor amplification. No IC's (!)

  • Discrete, Original Design 
  • MELCOR Output Transformer
  • Cinemag Input Transformers (2)
  • Hi-Z D.I. Input (Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drum Machine)
  • 10 LED Output Meter
  • 20dB Pad
  • Polarity Reversal
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • High Pass Filter
  • Custom Black Front Panel


In stock but ships in +/- 10 days.


MELCHOR Discrete Mic / Instrument Preamp

  • Handmade in Los Angeles, California.

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