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Finally, a brand new Discrete Opamp. Wholly unique and derivative of none, the Mount Cyanide 323 is a 9 Transistor circuit capable of the beefiest yet most pristine tones. A Class AB amplifier, the 323 easily drives transformers, headphones and long cable runs. Presented in the ubiquitous API 2520 / Jensen 990 6-pin footprint, it's ready to upgrade your gear with Vintage Thick, Future Clear sonics.


The 323 was conceived in Spice software and then tweaked to my satisfaction on a breadboard. Therefore, the math is perfect and on point but HUMAN EARS crafted it. A lot of component and value flipping led to what I consider my favorite tone EVER. 


Available fully built, burned in and tested OR as a Limited Run DIY Kit.

323 Discrete Opamp

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