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By request, I ran sound files from the Zen Pro Clipilator through the 323 Mic Preamp. The "Dry" tracks have been sent out of my converter and directly back in creating a "control" track. For the 323 tracks I sent the signal out of Pro Tools at 0dB and into the preamp with the -20dB pad engaged. This configuration is considered the Line input. Recorded this back into the converter. Also included are "Saturated" tracks to hear when the transistors and transformers are pushed. I sent the signal out of Pro Tools at around -8dB, disengaged the pad, cranked the gain and turned down the output fader on the pre. You'll notice that the tracks are leveled out like a compressor. This is the output transformer. And lastly, for fun, there are a couple of "Fuzz" tracks where I cranked the snot out of the gain. Mmmm cream.

Zen Pro Audio "Clipilator" files used for demonstration and by request only. No infringement is intended. I will quickly and easily remove the files if it bothers anyone.

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